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Boarding Requirements

The following forms must be completed and signed (at least once a year) and provided to Kennel staff before or at the time of drop-off:

Vaccination Requirements

Every animal must be up to date on all required vaccinations and medical treatments before being admitted to the kennel.  *** Please submit records before your reservation. ***

Regular flea/tick and heartworm prevention is strongly recommended.

Requirements for Dogs

  • Annual Health Exam
  • Annual Fecal Exam (negative)
  • Annual Heartworm test (negative)
  • Bordetella Vaccination (kennel cough)
  • Distemper Combo and Leptospirosis Vaccinations (DAPP-L, DHLPP, etc)
  • Rabies Vaccination

Requirements for Cats

  • Annual Health Exam
  • Feline Distemper Combo Vaccination (FDRC)
  • Rabies Vaccination

* If your pet(s) does not meet all of the above requirements or you refuse to sign the above-listed forms, your pet(s) will not be admitted to Klondike Kennels.

Holiday Boarding

  • Deposits are required to secure reservations made over the following holidays:
    • New Years
    • Spring Break (the entire month of March and part of April)
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
  • Deposits are equal to three days of boarding
  • Cancellations or date changes must be made more than 48 hours before the scheduled check-in date.
  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled check-in date will incur a fee.


Deposit Due Date

New Years

December 1st

Spring Break

March 1st


November 1st


December 1st


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